Don’t Think Outside the Box

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Don’t think outside the box, just don’t climb in it! – InKnowvative Concepts

Sometimes we get stalemated and need a pick-me-up. The tired and mundane either need revamping or a total application of disruptive thinking. Shake things up and dare to do something bold and different!


Thought for Today: Being Human in an Android Society

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Advanced technology gives us the ability to live better and the opportunity to get things done faster. On the flipside, how and when do you draw the line between accelerated technological progress, while avoiding human obsolescence.

As we embrace new technological phases of progress more fervently, scientifically and compassionately than before, we must be careful to avoid allowing our human value to depreciate. Modern technology is great, as long as we do not allow it to make us lazy and useless. (Taken from the April 11, 2009, article, Blinding “Me” With Science – Tips For Preventing Human Obsolescence)

Creativity Works: Innovation lives on the other side of fear

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Image Source: The Morning Call (A replica of the Tucker 48. The man who conceived the Tucker 48, Preston Tucker, was a true innovator who had his ideas rejected, writes columnist William Childs.)
William Childs William Childs Special to The Morning Call        May 23, 2017

What is it about creativity that frightens some people?

Why does anything innovative tend to be met with resistance?

Oscar Wilde once remarked, “An idea that is not dangerous is not worthy of being called an idea at all.” I think that an inherent bias against uncertainty and fear of the unknown is at the core of our trepidation when we get confronted with a new idea. For work to be truly creative and groundbreaking, it must depart from the status quo of what is known or accepted, and that’s where the challenge lies.

Innovation lives on the other side of fear.

You could fill an ocean with all the examples of people who had their brilliant ideas rejected. Preston Tucker, an American automobile designer, and entrepreneur who introduced a brand-new car design in 1948 was one such example. The car was so innovative when it was introduced, it sent the Big 3 automakers into a frenzy. The Tucker, as it was aptly named, was the first car ever to include seat belts. The engine was 150 horsepower with fuel injection and was placed in the rear of the car.

Another Tucker invention was the laminated windshield engineered to pop out during an accident, along with many other safety features. Instead of being celebrated, he was run out of business by unscrupulous individuals who were not ready for his type of forward-thinking.

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Your Coffee “Biz-Craziness” Break of the Day

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Well, here we are. It’s a new day and most of us are off to the races. Day to day, we get so caught up in creating, collecting, collaborating and sharing information, data and ideas, until we become wound up in unintelligible anxiety. We sit in front of computer screens and whiteboards containing a truckload of strategies, graphs, charts and God only knows what else, lean back with our heads resting in the glove of our hands and get a massive headache or pain in the pit of our stomach.

Is this how we are supposed to RUN a business by always running and never resting? Periodically, we have to step away from oversaturation of the days worth of information and work overload without corrupting our spirit. When the spirit is broken, it works it’s way outward and we begin to look wayward and think unwisely. Somehow we business folks tend to forget that a little relaxation can help us to be more creative and productive.

So on that note, after you finish reading this, STOP! BREATHE! Take a few minutes to grab you a cup of coffee and don’t dread what you have before you on your long list of things to do for today. Instead, slice it up into bite-size pieces so that you can digest it properly. Now, take your Coffee Biz-Craziness Break, go out and have a wonderful day!