Is Hyper-Reality a Real Life Threat?

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Have you ever gotten so caught up in watching a game or a video through virtual reality, that you were unable to consciously decipher whether it was real or not? There are several technological applications designed for play or entertainment that add new dimensions of digital components where the real and virtual worlds enhance each other. Such technology transports end-users into a new age of collaboration and thinking.

Virtual reality (VR), a common application and acronym we are familiar with, offers digital recreation of a real life setting. Typically VR headsets are very popular with gamers, entertainment, media, films, and design, by merging the power of 3-dimensional graphics in an artificial environment. Augmented reality (AR) provides virtual elements in a setting that overlay the real world. Mixed reality (MR) on the other hand, sometimes referred to as Hybrid reality (HR) merges and interrelate the real and virtual worlds, which reacts to each other in real-time environments and visualizations.

Leaders in the tech industry are doing some revolutionary things with motion-activated commands and holograms. VR and AR technology can possibly make a great impact on the medical field. While we are making quantum leaps between virtual, augmented and hybrid worlds, are we also experiencing cautionary symptoms of hyperreality? Hyperreality, a postmodern semiotic concept, coined by French Sociologist and Cultural Theorist, Jean Baudrillard, (according to his book, Simulacra and Simulation), explains a human condition in which the inability to consciously distinguish simulation from the real world really exists.

Technology is reflecting entertainment, reality, and function in radical ways. Of course, there are discussions from various non-tech individuals who seem to agree that addictions to simulated reality, particularly where young people are involved, sometimes gives evidence of real-time life encounters handled through the lens of the 3-D world. For example, kids may not truly understand the consequences resulting from the danger of handling an unsecured weapon and mimicking a VR fight scene that could have fatal consequences.

So what do you think? With such amazing software used to create entertainment for these devices, can hyperreality become such a threat that many gamers may not be able to logically distinguish hybrid reality from the real world?


Why Is Digitization Such a Big Deal?

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Every day we discover that the nature of work is being disrupted by digitization. This technological outcome is found in the enterprise of mobile application, content and mobility management. Digitization, the process of converting analog information into a digital format is transforming every company, with agility and speed.

People worldwide have access to digitized text mixed with images, and audio combined with visual. Information is more accessible through exponential thinking and all levels of the collaborative nature of digital.

Markets are rapidly evolving, and by mastering a few new technologies you can keep your organization’s infrastructure current. There is no single principle that applies to digitization and businesses who want to continually redefine their company. Some of the most important technologies for the best digital outcome include Cloud-based solutions, privacy and security, content management, reliability, mobility, social networking, analytics and big data.

There are huge benefits to digitization such as lowering operating costs, better scalability, straightforward exchanges of information and responding to the fast-changing needs of end-users with enhanced productivity. The digital revolution is here and is transforming the way we do business for the future. Digitization is harnessing innovation.

Digital Nomads: Traveling Independent Workers

Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Business TravelCombining work and travel is nothing new, but technology (Smartphones, wireless Internet, cloud-based applications, etc.) has attributed to the increase in traveling remote workers. There are many resources providing accommodations and destinations that help digital nomads live and work wherever they possibly want.

Becoming a digital nomad is a great step towards building a location independent business. Business travelers can explore other cultures by meeting new people on an adventure while working. These professionals prefer a location-independent lifestyle where they have the ability to use co-working spaces and share offices in major cities around the world.

Before resorting to this remote way of working and traveling, be advised that not every digital nomad will be able to successfully run their business, and enjoy an independent and good quality of life without learning the types of living restrictions in certain countries. While this lifestyle is exciting and adventurous, some digital nomads still want to have a real home-base to return to.

To reduce expenses and save money, digital nomad hubs will help you learn skills in a communal environment to be able to work online since you will be surrounded by other nomads. As with any workplace scenario, one must have the discipline to stay focused, avoid distractions, get the job done and still enjoy the fruits of your travel adventures. This type of work culture may not be for everyone, albeit exciting and lucrative.

There’s no doubt that moving your business online, frequently changing travel destinations, and working abroad is an emerging workplace trend. Connect with digital nomad networks where you can commune with other like-minded people sharing similar work and travel plans. A few resources such as Remote Year, Hacker Paradise, Nomad list,  Roam and many personal blogs provide a supplemental perspective, helpful information to find diverse communities and popular global hubs for your business travel destinations.

‘Leapfrogging into the future’: Inside Shiseido’s innovation strategy

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APRIL 5, 2017 by Tanya Dua

Makeup brand Shiseido is diving deep into digital, last week snapping up its own digital shop, JWalk.

Shiseido is taking content creation in-house, while also giving itself the ability to move faster in response to rapid changes in digital. The company’s revenue totaled 850 billion yen in net sales in 2016, around $7.5 billion.

“We live in a very fast-evolving marketplace where things and consumers are moving extremely fast,” said Marc Rey, president & CEO of Shiseido Americas. “I don’t see a reason why we as a brand shouldn’t evolve as fast. We want to able to anticipate new trends and technology and leapfrog into the future, rather than playing catch-up.”

Shiseido’s approach to both product and digital innovation has been…Continue reading

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Digital Footprints Are Privacy Busters


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Digital Footprints Are Privacy Busters
By Kym Gordon Moore

Did you know that unlike footprints in the sand that can be washed away with the tide, your digital footprint is here to stay forever? Just because you have the freedom to voice your opinions or post anything you wish to online, it doesn’t mean that you have to or should. At the click of your mouse or keypad, the Internet can instantly give us a vast amount of information we would never be able to digest, which could be true or false.

Cyber shadowing, digital shadowing or digital footprints as we commonly know it, is data created when you perform any action over the Internet or through your mobile devices. Your activity can be tracked to see what site or link you came from before you arrived at a particular website, the length of your retention and where you go afterwards. This digital tracking system can collect data wherever you left a trail, as you traveled on the World Wide Web. Data that is collected about you is typically used by companies for sales opportunities, analytics or marketing communication purposes. On the other hand, we are familiar with the antics hackers impose on our online experience that creates much aggravation.

When volunteering to create a user ID through which you share your information with… Continue reading

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High Fashion Meets High Tech with WiseWear’s Socialite Collection

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Upscale Living Magazine

Gone are the days of flimsy, plastic activity trackers – women are on the hunt for an inconspicuous tracker that looks less like a wearable and more like a piece of jewelry. WiseWear’s Socialite Collection features high fashion meets high tech activity trackers that not only track your activity but also help keep you safe and connected!


The Socialite Collection by WiseWear is a smart bracelet collection designed to keep you safe, healthy, and connected to what matters most. Each bracelet serves as a safety device with a unique distress messaging feature, provides real-time mobile notifications, and tracks your activity. By concealing advanced technology inside beautiful jewelry, continue reading

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The Power of Visual Communication

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The Power of Visual Communication
By Tim | source: HubSpot                  Feb 16th, 2016

Visual communication has been sweeping the globe. The reason it is so effective is because we’re more likely to understand and remember visual comm over text.

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