Slow Down, You’re Moving Too Fast

stress reduction, relaxation, gratitude

We have become a society of “instant everything” and yet we really don’t seem to be enjoying life or indulging in relaxing or exhilarating leisure activities as we may think we are. Everything is at an accelerated pace from eating, to texting, to multitasking and working under pressure.

Somehow and somewhere, in our quest for trying to get mass quantities of things done in a compressed amount of time, we are more stressed out now than ever before. As a result, many people find themselves experiencing health issues due to inconsistent time management, anxiety and overworking.

Have you ever thought about dropping or at least putting some non-priority things on hold, and focus on engaging in a little R & R? Today we are refraining from discussing business and instead promoting leisure pursuits. Take, or should we say make time to indulge in something fun, adventurous and intriguing that is not work related!

Leaders, this isn’t just for your employees, but for you too.


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