Drones: Space Invaders?

Drones, Surveillance

Drones. These remote operated, propeller quadcopters can turn the sky into a creative canvas. Drones can be your aerial eyes when you are unable to physically get the different shots and angles you want to get. Drones can be equipped with high-powered cameras, infrared devices, microphones and many other high-tech tools.

At the same time we are applauding this advancement in technology, there are growing concerns about the safety, regulation, invasion of privacy and other illegal activities they are being used for. Yet one of the most problematic of concerns is from law enforcement. Helicopters and other aircraft are finding that these remote flyers are much too close for comfort within restricted airspace.

While many drone owners and operators follow state and federal guidelines, many owners and operators are not. Such safety concerns can pose a risk to legitimate aircraft operators. At the same time a drone can pose a threat to the safety of innocent bystanders below should a mid-air collision occur or if flight patterns are affected by a sudden shift in weather conditions like strong winds.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued the latest regulations regarding policies, training, licenses, certifications, etc., to comply with rules regarding the operation of drones in a controlled airspace. Go to https://www.faa.gov/uas/ for more information from the United States Department of Transportation. Don’t let a violation interfere with your innovation.


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