Is There Security in an Insecure and Unsecured World?

Internet Security, ISP, Browsing History, Cyber Crime, Security Breach

Let’s face it, our world of security is no longer as secure as we may think. While we have been concerned with Internet scammers, spammers, and slammers, we now have to fear the probable consequences resulting from a bill Congress recently approved lifting restrictions imposed on ISP’s last year. While we are not opposed to advanced technology, eCommerce, and innovation, where do we draw the line when it comes to our protection from the open door allowing cyber voyeurism, and cyber Peeping Toms to sneak in?

If this bill is initiated, where does that leave the privacy of Internet and multimedia sharing, as well as research we do for our personal use? Has the line of privacy been blurred or simply erased? With sophisticated cyber attacks on the rise are we willing to risk so much, just for the sake of commercial targeting?

There is a lot to consider when you think about searching for travel destinations, what type of music you listen to, what types of videos you watch, what types of pictures you click on, what types of news outlets or websites you visit and what type of home repairs you may be seeking. Are you really clear on what is at risk here? This doesn’t only affect your home or business computer, but any digital device you use. Could there even be greater chaos created by hacking vehicles designed and equipped with new artificial intelligence and technological perks to suddenly go awry without warning? Read more about Your ISP, browsing history, and what to do about it, that was published by Malwarebytes Labs and tell us what you think. Is anything really safe anymore?


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