Digital Nomads: Traveling Independent Workers

Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Business TravelCombining work and travel is nothing new, but technology (Smartphones, wireless Internet, cloud-based applications, etc.) has attributed to the increase in traveling remote workers. There are many resources providing accommodations and destinations that help digital nomads live and work wherever they possibly want.

Becoming a digital nomad is a great step towards building a location independent business. Business travelers can explore other cultures by meeting new people on an adventure while working. These professionals prefer a location-independent lifestyle where they have the ability to use co-working spaces and share offices in major cities around the world.

Before resorting to this remote way of working and traveling, be advised that not every digital nomad will be able to successfully run their business, and enjoy an independent and good quality of life without learning the types of living restrictions in certain countries. While this lifestyle is exciting and adventurous, some digital nomads still want to have a real home-base to return to.

To reduce expenses and save money, digital nomad hubs will help you learn skills in a communal environment to be able to work online since you will be surrounded by other nomads. As with any workplace scenario, one must have the discipline to stay focused, avoid distractions, get the job done and still enjoy the fruits of your travel adventures. This type of work culture may not be for everyone, albeit exciting and lucrative.

There’s no doubt that moving your business online, frequently changing travel destinations, and working abroad is an emerging workplace trend. Connect with digital nomad networks where you can commune with other like-minded people sharing similar work and travel plans. A few resources such as Remote Year, Hacker Paradise, Nomad list,  Roam and many personal blogs provide a supplemental perspective, helpful information to find diverse communities and popular global hubs for your business travel destinations.


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