Digital Footprints Are Privacy Busters


Digital Footprint, Internet Privacy, Internet Security, Kym Gordon Moore

Digital Footprints Are Privacy Busters
By Kym Gordon Moore

Did you know that unlike footprints in the sand that can be washed away with the tide, your digital footprint is here to stay forever? Just because you have the freedom to voice your opinions or post anything you wish to online, it doesn’t mean that you have to or should. At the click of your mouse or keypad, the Internet can instantly give us a vast amount of information we would never be able to digest, which could be true or false.

Cyber shadowing, digital shadowing or digital footprints as we commonly know it, is data created when you perform any action over the Internet or through your mobile devices. Your activity can be tracked to see what site or link you came from before you arrived at a particular website, the length of your retention and where you go afterwards. This digital tracking system can collect data wherever you left a trail, as you traveled on the World Wide Web. Data that is collected about you is typically used by companies for sales opportunities, analytics or marketing communication purposes. On the other hand, we are familiar with the antics hackers impose on our online experience that creates much aggravation.

When volunteering to create a user ID through which you share your information with… Continue reading

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