6 Reasons to Work Like An Athlete and Think Like A Champion

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6 Reasons to Work Like An Athlete and Think Like A Champion
By Kym Gordon Moore

Why are we so captivated by athletes? Why do corporate environments seek and hire athletes or athletically minded candidates? What drives a company to want to fill their roster with a team of players who may not have the career experience for specific vacant positions but have the relentless hunger to learn?

Every sport has a championship game. The NFL has the Super Bowl, the NHL has the Stanley Cup, the MLB has the World Series and the PGA has the Masters Tournament. When we think about champion thinkers to hire for our organizations, we examine the traits and work ethic athletes possess. While we are not necessarily looking to employ a roster of athletes for our business, here are some of their attributes we can apply towards leadership and innovation:

1. Athletes have their goals in sight. They understand that effectiveness promotes efficiency. They know that failure is only a prerequisite for success, which makes them work harder.

2. They have an entrepreneurial mindset. They see a bigger vision and they think strategically to turn their objectives into action. They turn short-term sights into long-term goals.

3. Athletes are relentless, deal with…READ MORE



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